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Introduction to ESAComp by Componeering

Learn About ESAComp is How to Apply it to Composite Modeling

The HyperWorks Partner Alliance is extending its application offering into the composites world with ESAComp by Componeering. Attend this 45 minute introductory webinar to learn more about Componeering and their software ESAComp along with a live demonstration. The presentation will be done by Markku Palantera, CEO.

Who Should Attend
  • Engineers
  • Managers
  • Composite Specialists

About Componeering
Componeering specializes in structural analysis and design of composite structures. Componeering has gained its competence and recognition from the development of ESAComp software as a European Space Agency (ESA) initiated and supported project. Besides the standard software package, Componeering develops customized software solutions to meet special customer needs and provides training for efficient composite design.

About ESAComp
ESAComp is software for analysis and design of composites, from preliminary design of layered composite structures to advanced analyses that are applicable for the final verification of a design. The comprehensive material database of ESAComp forms the basis for design studies.

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